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For when you want the coffee flavor but not the caffeine.
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Costa Rican Finca Amistad
This is a more complex coffee, with some crisp dark caramel notes.
Price $10.99/1 lb
Bolivia Org. Buena Vista Chojñapampa
This coffee is bright, sweet, crisp and clean.
Price $10.99/1 lb
Brazil Beija Flor
This is a good neutral coffee. It makes a good espresso at darker roasts.
Price $8.99/1 lb
Brazil Finca Primavera Honey
This Brazil has a good dark chocolate nuttiness to it at darker roasts.
Price $9.99/1 lb
Brazil Sul de Minas Pulp Natural
This is a good, balanced medium coffee.
Price $11.99/1 lb
Colombia Inzá de Cauca
This has good chocolate notes at dark roasts.
Price $10.99/1 lb
Colombian Caldas Supremo
This coffee goes from walnut to caramel and dried fruits depending on the roast level.
Price $8.99/1 lb
Costa Rica Fancy SHB Leonel Vindas
This tends to be a floral, citric coffee.
Price $13.99/1 lb
Costa Rica Geisha Central Valley Candelaria
This is a bit more pricey, but worth the cost.
Price $24.99/1 lb
Costa Rica LaPerla del Cafe Yellow Honey
This coffee has complex fruit acidity, burnt sugar, plum, ripe tomato, green grape, apple, and citrus fruit flavors.
Price $44.95/1 lb
Costa Rica Tarrazu Dota Valley Montanas del Diamante
This tends to be a light, citric coffee.
Price $13.99/1 lb
Costa Rican La Pastora
A very good fruit-forward coffee.
Price Limited Quantities Available $8.99/1 lb
Ethiopia Organic -Kecho Tirtira Cooperative
The taste is all about fruits and nuts!
Price $9.99/1 lb
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
This has lots of fruit flavors at lighter roasts and bitterswseet chocolate at darker roasts.
Price $8.99/1 lb
Guatemala - Nuevo Oriente
This coffee has good nut flavors.
Price $4.99/1 lb
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